3-Person Inflatable Hot Dog, Kwik Tek 3-Tube Towable

3 Person Inflatable Hot Dog Tube

Tubers love to ride on this 3-person inflatable Hot Dog by Kwik Tek. The 3-Tube boat towable is a non-stop thrill ride just waiting for you to launch your boat and take off. Luckily this bad boy comes equipped with neoprene knuckle guards so you can hang on to the tube. These are so much fun and delivers a safe, yet fast glide across the water.

  • Tube model #: HD-3
  • ASIN#: B000FE9C46

Kwik Tek is known for producing some of the best boat towables on the market. This 3-person Hot Dog is constructed with three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers so you stay afloat and the party never ends.