Magma Marine Kettle BBQ Gas Grills

Magma marine kettle gas grill hinged lid

Sometimes grilling on a boat can be difficult unless you have the right equipment. See these Magma marine gas grills and accessories to make sure your next boat or beach party is a big hit! These excellent kettle grills are made of 100 percent 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel. They look great and cook great too! This can be just the thing to turn an ok day on the water to an amazing day. These items run off of 1-pound propane cylinders, as well as onboard LPG systems. The marine kettle grills are compact and yet have plenty of space to cook a bunch of food.

Magma Marine Kettle 2 Combination Stove and Gas Grill (Original Size)Check It Out!

The hinged lid on these cooking accessories keeps the temperture where you need it, but allows you to safely check your progress. The Magma technology combines a traditional gas grill with a kettle dome system that allows for other types of cooking too. The grill diameter is 15 inches which allows you to operate in small spaces, yet prepare lots of food.

More Grills and Parts:

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Charcoal Grills:

Don’t want to use propane gas? They have some charcoal models too.

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