Nauticus Smart Tab SX Trim Tabs

Does your boat take off from a ‘hole’ and start out in a vertical position? You made need a set of affordable and efficient Nauticus trim tabs to correct and improve your boat’s performance. Stop the porpoising and make your boat perform better! These are also great to improve the ride and enhance your fuel economy. Get a better ride and save on gas.

Nauticus SX9510-80 Smart Tab SX Series Trim TabsCheck PriceNauticus SX9510-60 Smart Tab SX Composite Trim TabsCheck PriceNauticus ST9510-40 Smart Tab SX Composite Trim TabsCheck PriceNauticus ST1290-80 Smart Tab Trim TabsCheck Price


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The Smart Tab Series include products that are great for boats from approximately 14 feet up to 22 feet and more. Their system can be fine tuned to maximize the performance of your power boat in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

If you have a power boat without Smart Tabs, then shop these today.