SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball for Boat Towables

Booster Ball - SportsStuff 4K

When you are out boat tubing, does the tow line tend to dip into the water, especially on turns? Then you may want to check out the SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball for boat towables. This neat floatable device is great because it helps to increase the thrill of the tube ride by keeping the tow rope out of the water. This reduces drag and increases the fun! It is very simple to hook up and use. You just replace your towline with this system and watch how it enhances the glide of the ride.


SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball

The complete system includes the inflatable buoy and the custom tow rope. Just hook it up and hang on! You will now be able to get the towable moving from side to side quickly and easily. Summers are meant to be enjoyed out on the water. Make sure you are out these having a great time.

  • Item model #: 53-2030
  • ASIN#: B001Q98TNY

SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball

Tubing is so much fun, and this handy floatable booster device by SportsStuff really does increase the excitement. The inflatable buoy in the middle boosts the performance of the boat towable ride in several ways.

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If you enjoy taking friends and family out boating during the warmer months try this water tubing system. Everyone will have more fun and a better day on the water.